What We Use

Aluminum Composite Material

Fire-Resistant Aluminum Composite Panel is a composite material made of aluminum and non-combustible mineral filled core. Though the core material does contain a small amount of combustible polyethylene, the main ingredient of the non-combustible mineral filled core does not permit the proliferation of flame and restricts smoke. It is a fire-safe material that passes mandatory requirements for exterior and interior application.It is an ideal material for external claddings, roof of pedestrian passage and other architectural applications.

Available Colors

Allucobond Solid Colors
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ACM Design Example

ACM Store Front Burger King

Aluminum Composite Material Diagram


ACM Store Front Burger King

Welding Process

TIG Welding

TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas and is technically called Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or GTAW. The process uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode that delivers the current to the welding arc. The tungsten and weld puddle are protected and cooled with an inert gas, typically argon. TIG welding is similar to oxy-acetylene welding in that you use a filler material for build-up or reinforcement.

TIG welding is so precise and so clean, that most of the time, there is no clean up when it’s done. You don’t have to grind it, smooth it, do anything with it. Which is why we use this form of welding because the finish appears to be virtually seamless.